Generator Servicing

We offer thorough on-demand generator servicing to clients who want to ensure the smooth operation and longevity of their generator. 

Available to Mzansi Power Generator Clients Only!


We are on the leading edge of industry excellence and offer on-demand generator servicing and generator maintenance plans for petrol generators, diesel generators, and gas generators. Furthermore, we provide readily available generator parts and offer generator support. As part of our generator servicing and generator maintenance plans, we will perform work on your generator based on how long it has run and the time interval required. All our generator services include a detailed list of generator maintenance checks performed at regular intervals, such as the key generator engine service as well as the generator electrical componentry checks necessary throughout the life of your generator. Our generator service intervals are tailored to meet your unique requirements. With our excellent generator service and generator support services, we consistently receive top ratings from our generator customers.

Save Money, Save Your Generator!
Providing Value To Our Clients Through On-Demand Servicing

There’s no telling when you will actually need your generator, but you will certainly appreciate it when you do. It may have worked perfectly the last time the power went out, but how long ago was that? How do you know that it’s ready to keep powering your home next time? Like most systems working in your home, your generator needs to be serviced by a professional to prevent malfunctions down the road. Don’t you want to be ready for the next outage?

Longer Asset Life
Reduced Repair Costs
Reduced Downtime