Bulk Fuel Tanks

We offer a wide variety of self-bunded bulk fuel tanks with capacities ranging from 1,000 litres to 20,000 litres to clients who prefer their generator to run for longer periods without the need to routinely refuel.

Available to Mzansi Power Generator Clients Only!


We offer a standard 700 litre bulk diesel tank on a stand with sight glass. We also offer custom sized free-standing bulk diesel tanks, all with visual fuel level indicators. These external bulk tanks range from 1,000 litres to 20,000 litres and are build on request according to the clients' requirements. Our tanks are compatible with most of the generators we provide. Although all of our generators are equipped with standard fuel tanks, the external tanks allow the generator to run for a longer period of time before requiring refuelling, making it more convenient. In order to use a bulk tank on the generators we provide, the internal tank is bypassed and the generator is connected directly to the bulk tank. In order to do this, you do require the tank to be elevated on the stand provided.

More Fuel, Less Hassle!
Providing Value To Our Clients Through Convenient Refueling Systems

There’s no telling when you will actually need your generator, but you will certainly appreciate it when you do. It may have worked perfectly the last time the power went out, but how long ago was that? How do you know that it’s ready to keep powering your home next time? Like most systems working in your home, your generator needs to be serviced by a professional to prevent malfunctions down the road. Don’t you want to be ready for the next outage?

Auto & Manual Refueling
Extends Runtime
Bulk Fuel Savings